Q & A

  • How will I feel when I start using ZONNIC?

    ZONNIC is definitely different than smoking a cigarette. And ZONNIC will offer you a different kind of experience. When you look back on your first day with ZONNIC, you may be surprised by just how big every small victory can feel. Of course, if you have tried to stop smoking before, you know what giving up cigarettes can feel like. Helping you manage those feelings of withdrawal is where ZONNIC can help. It's easy to learn how to use Gum and Mini Lozenges. And it's even easier to save.

    Learn more about using ZONNIC Nicotine Gum and some precautions here.

    Learn more about using ZONNIC Nicotine Mini Lozenges and some precautions here.

  • Do I have to stop smoking completely before starting with ZONNIC?

    No two people are alike. Some people can stop smoking all at once. For others, going from all to nothing is just too overwhelming. Either way it's okay to start with ZONNIC the day you say you want to quit. The FDA agrees. Read it here. It's easy to learn how to use Gum and Mini Lozenges. And it's even easier to save. It doesn't matter how you quit. All that counts is the victory.

  • Is ZONNIC just trading one kind of nicotine for another?

    Sources you can trust (like the FDA) agreed "research and use have shown that nicotine replacement therapy products sold over the counter do not appear to have significant potential for abuse or dependence." Because ZONNIC does not contain the tar or carbon monoxide of cigarette smoke, it does not have the same health dangers as tobacco. There is nicotine in ZONNIC, but less than you'll find in a cigarette. The nicotine is what helps lessen the physical desire to smoke. Consider this: If you wanted to lose weight would starving yourself be the best way to go? Probably not. ZONNIC gum is meant to help you gradually do away with nicotine altogether. So all those small victories add up to one big one—quitting cigarettes.

    Learn more.

  • What if I need more time?

    The big idea is to use less and less ZONNIC over time just as the Gum and Mini Lozenge labels say.

    But we all move at our own pace. So if after 12 weeks, you feel you need to keep on with ZONNIC a little bit longer, you can. Just be sure you consult with your doctor. The FDA is on your side. Now if you need more time, you can take it.

  • What if I slip up?

    Hey, we're only human. If you find yourself having a cigarette, remember all of the cigarettes you haven't smoked and all those victories under your belt. So just pick up from the last time you chose a ZONNIC instead of a cigarette. Succeeding is getting some ZONNIC and not smoking the next cigarette. The FDA agrees, it's better to keep trying. It's easy to learn how to use Gum and Mini Lozenge. And it's even easier to save.

  • Will I gain weight?

    Some people do. But it's your plan. If you want to add a little more movement and a little less spaghetti, that's up to you. Your friends and family will love that you are trying to stop smoking no matter what happens.

  • Is ZONNIC more expensive than cigarettes?

    One 10-piece pack of ZONNIC Gum costs about $5.20* and one 10-piece pack of ZONNIC Mini Lozenges cost about $5.49* in-store. And the idea of no more cigarettes is priceless.

    *MSRP. Online prices may vary.