what the fda has to say.

Not ready to stop smoking all at once? You can still start quitting with ZONNIC.

Some people can stop smoking all at once, but if you can't go straight from all to nothing, it's okay. Either way you're good to go with ZONNIC nicotine gum on the day you say you want to quit. The FDA is on your side. Read it here. Just know how to use ZONNIC Nicotine Gum and Mini Lozenges.

Need more time? Take it.

The big idea is to use less and less ZONNIC over time just as the Gum and Mini Lozenge directions say, until you stop smoking completely. But we all move at our own pace. So if after 12 weeks you feel you need to keep on with ZONNIC a little bit longer, you can. Just be sure you first consult with your healthcare professional. The FDA is on your side.

Took a step back? Keep going right from where you left off.

We're all human. Having a cigarette doesn't put you back at square one. If ZONNIC helped you before, it can help you again. Just take a moment to remember all those cigarettes you haven't smoked and all those victories under your belt. Simply pick up from the last time you chose a ZONNIC instead of a cigarette. Succeeding is getting some ZONNIC and not smoking the next cigarette. The FDA agrees–it's better to keep trying.

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