nicotine lozenges

Zonnic Sugtabletter 2Mg 12
Lozenge Mint
2 mg
Zonnic Sugtabletter 4Mg 12
Lozenge Mint
4 mg
Zonnic Sugtabletter 4Mg 72
Lozenge Mint
4 mg big pack
Zonnic Sugtabletter 2Mg 72
Lozenge Mint
2 mg big pack

Zonnic nicotine lozenges
The urge to smoke is always unpleasant. Make sure you have an effective stop smoking product available for when you start feel the withdrawal symptoms. Zonnic Lozenge has a pleasant, fresh favour and provides fast relief. The lozenge is light and easy to keep in your bag or pocket. It looks like a common lozenge, allowing you to manage your cravings in a discreet way.If you find yourself in a situation when you are not able or allowed to smoke, then Zonnic Lozenge may be your best option. 

Easy to keep with you
Zonnic Nicotine Lozenges come in various pack sizes and strengths: 12 tablets or 72 tablets, 2mg or 4mg. This makes it easy for you to find a lozenge that suits your needs. Some people feel the lower nicotine content suit them best, while others are more comfortable with the higher dose in order to manage their more intense smoke cravings.If you are unsure whether Zonnic Lozenges are the right stop smoking product for you, simply start with a small pack size and see if they provide the help you need. 

How to use Zonnic Lozenges
When you feel the urge to smoke come creeping up, impacting your mood and your concentration, simply place a lozenge in your mouth. Move it around your mouth until it has completely dissolved, which normally takes about 10-15 minutes. Read more about nicotine lozenges here. 

Nice, fresh taste in the fight against withdrawal symptoms
Are you trying to stop smoking? With Zonnic nicotine lozenges in your pocket or bag, you can feel confident to face any daily challenges without worrying that withdrawal symptoms and nicotine cravings will interfere. The lozenges are also a perfect product if you want to cut down the number of cigarettes you smoke on a daily basis. By replacing a few daily cigarettes with lozenges, you are managing your smoking cessation well – each cigarette not smoked will benefit your health. As Zonnic Lozenges come in high and low strength, you can gradually cut down your nicotine consumption as you feel you are ready to stop taking nicotine completely. Zonnic Nicotine Lozenges is a stop smoking product that gives you the safest and best effect if you follow the instructions. Always pay attention to and read the package leaflet before using Zonnic nicotine lozenges, or any other stop smoking product. Are you unsure if nicotine lozenges are the right format for you? The following is a list of other stop smoking products.