Hjälpmedel för att sluta röka
Hjälpmedel för att sluta röka

Nicotine Replacement Therapy - Nicotine medication

Support. Help. Something to count on when times are tough. This is a good way of describing nicotine replacement therapy. Everyone who’s thinking about quitting smoking is standing on a threshold. Taking the first step is the beginning of a difficult journey – a journey towards becoming smoke-free. 

Everyone who’s ever tried to quit smoking knows that the journey is full of challenges. Withdrawal symptoms, anxiety and problems concentrating are just a few of the symptoms. These challenges are hard to overcome, no matter how strong you are.🏋️‍♂️

That’s why it feels good to know that there's intelligent and effective help out there. Nicotine replacement therapy is your best friend on the journey to your last cigarette and helps you manage the worst symptoms. There are a range of options – chewing gum, nicotine bags, plasters, spray and chew tablets – making it easier to find a nicotine replacement therapy that works for you.

It’s easier to take that first step and start your journey towards a smoke-free life.

Everything you need to know about nicotine replacement therapy

What is nicotine medication?

There is a range of different medications and treatments that fall under the umbrella of nicotine medication. Sometimes the words “nicotine replacement” is used because the medication often contains nicotine as a replacement for the nicotine you would usually get from smoking.🚭

What nicotine replacement therapy products are available?

Some of the well-known nicotine medications are available as:

You decide the dose of your nicotine medication and how often you take it (apart from nicotine plasters) but don’t forget – you’ll experience the most effective and sustainable effects when you take the recommended dose.

You can buy nicotine medication without a prescription if you are 18 and over. Find nicotine medication at your pharmacy, some grocery shops or tobacco shops.

Which nicotine replacement therapy is best?

What’s the best way of looking at it? There are lots of different nicotine replacement therapies to choose from. It’s not easy to know exactly which therapy is best for you and your fight against nicotine addiction. It’s an individual choice.

Having difficulty choosing? Start by asking yourself some questions, for example:

  • How powerful are my nicotine cravings when I don’t smoke?
  • What way of getting nicotine into my body would be best for me?
  • Do I have sensitive skin?
  • Do I find nose spray uncomfortable?
  • Do I have a problem chewing?
  • Do I like neutral or strong flavours?
  • Do I want a discreet solution that isn’t obvious?
  • Would I prefer a quick fix or a long-lasting solution?

Get a feel for what suits you and doesn’t suit you so you can find a method that works best for you as an individual.

Not a fan of gum? Nicotine patches might be the best choice for you.

Do you want a nicotine replacement therapy where you can have something in your mouth? Nicotine pouches, lozenges or oral spray might be best for you.

How does nicotine replacement therapy work?

The easy answer is that medication containing nicotine contains the same nicotine substance as cigarettes, which creates an addiction. But nicotine replacement therapy deals with your nicotine cravings without the harmful toxins you get from smoking.

Receptors in your brain that react to nicotine are the same receptors that make you crave cigarettes and these receptors are stimulated by nicotine replacement therapy in a way that isn’t as harmful to your health. 

When your nicotine cravings are satisfied with nicotine replacement therapy it helps with the withdrawal symptoms.

  • You’re less anxious
  • It’s easier to concentrate
  • You sleep better
  • You’re in a better mood
  • You don’t suffer from loss of appetite

Will I get addicted to nicotine replacement therapy?

The body absorbs nicotine replacement therapies more slowly than nicotine from cigarettes, but because nicotine is addictive there is a risk that you can get addicted to nicotine replacement therapy. This isn’t ideal and you don’t want to just swap one addiction for another, but being addicted to nicotine patches or gum is better than smoking, as you avoid the harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke.👍

Nicotine pouches

Nikotinpåsar / Portionspåsar med nikotin

Nicotine pouches are similar to snus, but without harmful tobacco, just nicotine – the addictive component. You put the nicotine pouch under your lip just like snus for a long-lasting effect that dampens your nicotine cravings.

The pouch is discreet and easy to use wherever you are. The nicotine pouches come in two strengths – 2 or 4 mg and you can buy them at pharmacies or grocery shops. The pouches come in a range of delicious flavours.

Nicotine gum


Delicious fresh taste. Fast working. Tobacco-free. Easy to use. Nicotine gum has a range of advantages. You regulate your nicotine cravings and get the effect you want by chewing the gum. The gum is discreet and easy to carry in your pocket or bag – always easy to grab when your nicotine cravings start bothering you.

Nicotine gum comes in a wide range of strengths and flavours that you can adapt to your journey to becoming smoke-free. Find nicotine gum at a pharmacy or grocery shop.

Nicotine spray

Nikotinspray / Sluta röka spray

Diminish your smoke cravings at the touch of a button. This is how nicotine spray works. Put the clever nozzle in your mouth, direct it towards the inside of your cheek and spray twice. Within a minute you’ll feel the effect on your cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Nicotine spray is a modern and effective nicotine replacement therapy that is easy to use, easy to carry and provides fast relief. An extra bonus is the great fresh taste that refreshes your mouth. Buy nicotine spray at pharmacies or grocery shops.

Nicotine patches

Nikotinplåster / Sluta röka

Nicotine patches are one of the most commonly used nicotine medications. It’s easy to understand why. You put the patch on your skin to help you with your cravings to smoke. Your body absorbs a small amount of nicotine throughout the day. Keep your cravings for a cigarette at bay so you can focus on other, more important things.

You can get different sized nicotine patches that have different efficacy windows and amounts of nicotine. This makes it easy to find a patch that works for you. When you’ve attached the patch to your skin you can hide it under your clothes – discreet and practical. 

Nicotine lozenges

Sugtablett sluta röka

With a packet of nicotine lozenges in your pocket you’ll be ready when cigarette cravings strike. Use the lozenges in the same way as a normal throat lozenge and feel the effects quickly – within a few minutes you’re over the worst cravings and enjoying the delicious taste so you can get on with your day. Nicotine lozenges are available in different strengths and you can buy them at the pharmacy or grocery shop. Pastilles are perfect if you don’t like chewing gum but love a fresh minty taste. 

Nicotine replacement therapy and children, pregnancy and breastfeeding

Smoking and taking snus while you’re pregnant is dangerous. Nicotine and other chemicals in tobacco can harm the foetus and increase the chance of miscarriage. Nicotine replacement therapy is not suitable if you’re expecting a baby.

Nicotine also passes to breast milk if the mother smokes, uses snus or uses nicotine replacement therapy. The nursing child gets the nicotine along with the milk, which can cause breathing problems, diarrhoea and sleeping issues.

Speak to your doctor about nicotine-free methods to stop smoking that work when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

What are Champix and Zyban? – Nicotine-free medications


There are nicotine-free medicines that can help you give up smoking. Champix is one example. Champix contains a substance called Varenicline, which creates a nicotine stimulation with a weaker effect. Varenicline has another effect – it blocks nicotine from being absorbed by your body – so smoking has no nicotine effect on your body.


The medication Zyban contains a substance called Bupropion. This helps diminish your nicotine cravings and alleviates withdrawal symptoms. This medication should be taken with motivational support and can sometimes be used in conjunction with nicotine replacement therapy.