Methods to quit smoking

There are many different useful techniques and methods available for when you want to quit smoking:

  • Support groups and group therapy with others in the same situation have been proven effective. You can either find other smokers and set up your own group or contact a healthcare service. Many healthcare clinics have support groups set up for smokers.
  • Being smart with one’s diet can also be effective. Simple, quick low-calorie snacks will dampen cravings and stimulate the mouth:

– Vegetable sticks

– Wholegrain bread

– Fruit slices

– Sugar-free gum/tablets

As the appetite and craving for something sweet can increase when you quit smoking, it’s important to eat a balanced diet and thus avoid weight gain.

  • Mindfulness, relaxation, exercises and meditation can be a useful tool against sweet cravings and withdrawal symptoms for some people. Mindfulness has, in some research, shown to have a significantly bigger effect than traditional smoking cessation.
Methods to quit smoking