What are the benefits of quitting snus?

Quitting snus is not easy, but it is a challenge that really pays off. Getting rid of your snus addiction brings a whole series of benefits – fewer health risks, fresher mouth and teeth, and you save a tidy sum of money. Once you have come out on the other side of the addiction, you will probably ask yourself why you ever started with snus in the first place!

Why should you stop using snus?

Health benefits from quitting snus

Snus is a tobacco product, and, just like other kinds of tobacco, it contains harmful substances that damage your health.

Studies show that snus:

  • Affects the inner walls of blood vessels, which negatively impacts your cardiovascular health.
  • Increases the risk of dying if you suffer a stroke, compared to people who do not use snus.
  • Increases the risk of type 2 diabetes. One tin or more per day doubles the risk.

Breaking the habit of snus can have major preventative benefits for you and your health. You reduce the risk of some of the serious aspects of heart disease as well as the risk of developing diabetes, which in and of itself is a serious disease that can reduce your quality of life.

A nicer smile, fresher breath and healthier mouth

Packing a lipper means introducing a toxic, foreign object into your mouth, which, of course, influences your oral health. Anyone who has been using snus for a long time may notice:

  • Receding gums
  • Exposed tooth necks or roots

This makes it easier for bacteria to accumulate in the space between the teeth and gums, which in turn increases the risk of gum diseases such as:

  • Gingivitis 
  • Periodontitis

Bear in mind that tobacco discolours teeth; the teeth of a heavy snus-user often has a yellow or grayish hue.

If you quit snus, you gain yet another advantage besides the health related ones: a whiter and more natural smile. Aesthetic appeal aside, it can also give you your self-confidence back. Many people with discolored teeth feel insecure about smiling and avoid showing their teeth to others. Getting your smile back can do great things for your self-esteem.

Additionally, those who use snus often have bad breath because snus irritates the mucous membranes on the inside of the lip. The mucous membranes become hardened and ribbed, making it easier for bacteria to accumulate there. This will in turn cause the scent of your breath to deteriorate considerably, a problem primarily affecting the people around you. If you hold off on the snus, the mucous membranes will eventually recover and you’ll get a better bacterial balance in your mouth as well as fresher breath.

Save money – gains from quitting snus

Tobacco addiction is not only harmful to your health; it also messes with your personal finances. Gaining an overview of your actual costs of snus can be an incentive in itself - quite quickly, it becomes clear that it is a hefty penny you spend on snus for a year. And for what, really? Think of all the other fun, useful and inspiring things you can do with that money!

If you go through one tin a day, the cost will be (approximately):

  • SEK 40 per day (roughly £3.50)
  • SEK 1200 per month (roughly £105)
  • SEK 14,400 per year (roughly £1250)

So, what could you do with 1250 quid? Granted, that is a lot of money, but there are other things that could also spur you on, for instance:

  • Travel
  • Good food 
  • Clothes
  • Entertainment
  • Experiences

Or something else that you might have longed to do, but didn’t feel you could afford!

Quit snus and see more of the world

Regardless of its harmful effects on health, snus is a tradition and a natural part of life in Sweden. However, this is not the case in the rest of the world. If you are going on a longer trip abroad, snus automatically becomes a problem. The chances of getting ahold of snus abroad are slim to none. And how much can you take with you? Some countries have clear regulations for how much snus you bring in across the border. In the vast majority of cases, a smaller amount for personal use is allowed, but entering for instance the US or Australia could prove tricky.

Australia has very strict customs regulations and you’re only allowed to bring 25 grams of snus into the country. Everything above that weight is associated with costs. In the US, the rules are unclear and you run the risk of customs not accepting any snus in your luggage.

At present, there are two countries to which it is strictly forbidden to bring snus:

  • Iceland
  • Singapore

Snus can therefore be considered to be a bit of an obstacle. Having to think and worry about having enough snus, or getting hold of it or even breaking the law by using it – all of this creates stress on the journey and can make you simply not enjoy your holiday fully. If you kick the habit, you also avoid a lot of fuss and worry when you want to expand your horizons. And if you quit snus, you’ll have money left over to spend on a wonderful trip!

Do you need tips to quit snus? We have listed the most essential tips here!