Sluta röka tips – så blir du rökfri
Sluta röka tips – så blir du rökfri

The best tips to quit snus

Time to quit the chew? Great, that means you’ve made a brilliant decision for your health. To quit snus or chewing tobacco means that you reduce the risk of a number of health-related problems, including cardiovascular disease.

But to actually quit snus or chewing tobacco altogether is no walk in the park. For most people, it’s both a physical addiction to nicotine, as well as a mental addiction – the habit – both of which can be tricky to overcome.

By finding clever strategies and tips to overcome the withdrawal symptoms and the habit itself, you increase the chances of becoming snus-free.

And once you make it that far, you’ll soon notice the great benefits of life without nicotine addiction.

All our tips to quit

Plan to quit snus

To quit chewing tobacco cold turkey might not be the most successful  strategy. You need time to prepare and come to terms with the idea of starting a snus-free life. Therefore, it’s a good idea to actually choose a date for your last lipper a bit in the future – perhaps in 2-4 weeks?

This will give you time to reflect on your decision and get ready. Maybe you can use the time leading up to the last snus day to cut down on the chewing tobacco some, in order to make the transition as smooth as possible.👍

Map your dipping

Using snus or chewing tobacco is a habit, and if you’re a heavy user, you likely don’t even reflect on when, how and why you pack a lipper. How do you usually feel when you use chewing tobacco?

Actually writing down a few lines about your snus-related behavior can be very helpful, and will give you a clear overview of what drives your addiction. It might show that you consume a lot of snus only when you are in a certain mood?

Lessons like these can be invaluable if you have decided to quit chewing tobacco or snus. Becoming more mindful is an important step in the right direction.

Empty your stash – do not have snus at home

When the day when you’ve decided to quit finally comes – make sure you do not have snus available. Withdrawal is different for everyone, but most people find it quite bothersome. With chewing tobacco within reach, the risk of you falling off the wagon increases. Keep in mind that the snus craving is temporary – if you manage to hang in there, you’ll be sure to find that it wears off soon!

Bonus tip: Some people feel it helps to keep an empty tin because it counteracts the urge to go and buy a new one.

Get help from others

Everything difficult will be easier if you get support. In order to get through the period of withdrawal symptoms and snus cravings when you’ve just quit, it’s important to have motivation and people rooting for you. Do you have a person close to you who can support you when it gets tough? Talk about and vent your thoughts and feelings with them. Talking to someone about your thoughts during rough periods can often be invaluable.

Distract yourself with activities

Much of the snus craving is in your head – the very habit of packing a lipper is enormously strong and can linger even after the physical craving for nicotine is gone. Because of this, you might want to try to distract yourself when the craving for snus sets in.

One small act can have a huge impact: try eating a piece of fruit for instance. Or play a game on your phone. Maybe go for a walk or call a friend. Any tips or tricks to break negative thought spirals can be  lifesavers. 👌

Another great piece of advice is to exercise. Exercise tends to clear your head and also reduces the craving for  tobacco.

Eat healthy

Remember to eat regularly: breakfast, lunch, supper, and preferably a few healthy snacks too. This will give you balance and stable blood sugar levels, which will reduce your cravings and help you cope. Drink water to maintain a stable fluid level, which in turn affects energy levels and general resilience.

Worried about gaining weight after quitting snus?

Avoid triggers

Are there certain situations, places or activities that you associate with snus more than others? It’s different for all snus users, but there are surely times when you feel more of an itch than you do otherwise, because you connect that particular situation to snus or chewing tobacco. Try to get an overview of what these circumstances might be and see if they can be avoided when you’re in the process of kicking the habit.

Someone offering you chewing tobacco can also get in the way of your motivation. Think of an answer to have up your sleeve if someone offers you snus so you don’t have to hesitate.😎

Celebrate your victories!

Have you managed an hour without snus? Brilliant! Have you managed a day? Fantastic!👏 Beating a nicotine addiction is difficult and every time you manage to resist the itch, you are a hero! And heroes deserve to be congratulated. Reward yourself with something you like as soon as you skip a dip. Take a hot bath, treat yourself to something tasty or do something else that makes you happy. You are worth it!

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