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Zonnic Pouches 4Mg
Zonnic Pouch Mint
4 mg
Zonnic Pouches 2Mg
Zonnic Pouch Mint
2 mg
Zonnic Spray 40Ml
Zonnic Mouth Spray Peppermint
40 sprays
Zonnic Spray 200Ml
Zonnic Mouth Spray Peppermint
200 sprays
Zonnic Spray 2X200 40Ml
Zonnic Mouth Spray Peppermint
2x200 sprays

Only you know how and why you want to use quit smoking aids. You may want to quit smoking straight away, or step down at your own pace by reducing one cigarette now and then. Zonnic has several types of smoking cessation products with different uses and amount of nicotine, so you can choose the smartest solution for you. Same product constantly or maybe change based on situation? Remember that every cigarette you choose not to smoke is a victory. Go you!

Our products are nicotine OTC drugs, which means that they have clinically proven effects against smoking, so they work! They are also approved by the Swedish Medicines Agency. With Zonnic, you get a fresh alternative that gives you the effects of nicotine, but without the harmful substances that tobacco brings. Great!