About Zonnic

Zonnic is a Swedish brand founded in 2000 in Helsingborg by the researcher and quit smoking expert Karl Olov Fagerström.

At Zonnic, we believe that nicotine replacement therapy should be easy to use, readily available, taste good, give quick effect and have a good price. We know that there are lots of different reasons and ways to use nicotine products without tobacco and therefore we have a varied range of different sizes and strengths. We believe in going our own way. For example, Zonnic was the first to sell nicotine drugs at a good price where tobacco is sold. We are proud of that!


At the gas station, at the grocery store, or at the pharmacy. It’s never far to a Zonnic.

Varied range

Pouch or mouth spray. The choice is yours.

Small packaging, low price.

We think everyone should be able to try Zonnic. Therefore, all our products are sold in small packages at a low price.

Which product is for you?

It’s difficult to quit smoking. That’s why it’s important to take the help that’s available. The product you choose to quit smoking can have an impact on whether you succeed or not. Quit smoking products are like everything else in life – there is no one-size-fits-all product. This test will help you find out which product is right for you. It only takes 1 minute. Good luck!

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Zonnic makes you feel like a winner

Every cigarette you choose not to smoke is a victory. We know it is not easy to quit smoking. We know it’s easy to fall back. It goes up, and it goes down. Just like everything in life. But it is still true that every cigarette you choose not to smoke is a small victory. Choosing Zonnic is a win every time. Go you! You are the best.You can find more tips on quitting smoking here.

You decide

All people are different. Some do not want to stop smoking at all, but only need a tobacco-free alternative on certain occasions. Some want to stop smoking suddenly. Others want to cut down, in order to become completely smoke-free in the long run.

The point of using Zonnic is that you avoid tobacco while the body receives the amount of nicotine it is used to. With Zonnic’s products, you will not get yellow teeth or bad breath. A fresh and smart way to simply skip a cigarette now and then.

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