Zonnic pouches

Zonnic Pouch Mint 2 mg

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Zonnic Pouch Mint 4 mg

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Zonnic pouches

Are you trying to cut back on your smoking? You have probably found yourself in situations where you cannot or do not want to smoke. Perhaps you are sitting in a meeting at work, are stuck in a traffic jam or are somewhere where smoking is forbidden. In these cases, Zonnic nicotine pouches can be just what you need. Simply place the small, white and discrete pouches under your lip. Nicotine is released quickly and easily. In just a few minutes you will find that your tobacco craving is lessened.

Discrete with a good flavour

The pouches have a mild mint flavour and are also discrete. This makes them a very good friend to have when you want to quit smoking. It isn’t strange that nicotine pouches are a very popular nicotine drug, because they are easy, good and are proven to be effective when it comes to keeping problems with abstinence in check. One package from Zonnic contains 20 pouches and you can choose between 2 and 4 milligrams of nicotine. One major advantage with our pouches is that they are small and dry, so that you can determine how much nicotine is released into your mouth. You can do this by moving the pouch around. If you feel that you would like a greater effect, then simply move the pouch and if you want a lesser effect then just let it remain in place under the lip.

How do I use Zonnic nicotine pouches?

Our pouches act as tobacco-free snuff and you use a pouch as soon as you feel tobacco cravings. Moisten the pouch lightly with your tongue and place it under your lip. Keep it there for approximately 30 minutes. You can then choose how much nicotine you wish to receive. If you feel that you would like a greater effect, then simply move the pouch and more nicotine will be released. Allow it to remain still if you want a lesser effect. Most people will find that using 8-12 pouches per day is enough. However, you should never use more than 24 pouches per day.

Smart aid in your journey to becoming smoke-free

By using Zonnic nicotine pouches you treat your problems with abstinence in a smart way. If you overcome the craving to smoke it is much easier to stay motivated and persevere after you have taken your last puff. When you want to and feel ready, you can decrease the number of pouches you use per day or switch to pouches with a lower nicotine content. Zonnic nicotine pouches are also an excellent aid if you initially want to cut back on the number of cigarettes you smoke each day. Each cigarette you refrain from smoking is a gift to your wellbeing and health. You will find Zonnic’s products at our retailers, which are different pharmacies and in grocery stores. Our products are over-the-counter drugs, so you will get the best effect and the most comfortable treatment if you use them according to instructions. Be sure to read the package leaflet for complete information before you use Zonnic pouches.