Get in control with Zonnic quit smoking aids!






Zonnic quit smoking products
When you decide to quit smoking, it is critical to have the right products available. With Zonnic nicotine replacement products, you increase your chances of getting the situation under control. The range includes two effective, discreet and easy to use stop smoking products – nicotine pouches and a nicotine spray with proven fast relief.

Quit smoking altogether, or cut down the number of cigarettes
Zonnic products work for both quitting tobacco usage altogether or for reducing your consumption. Sometimes people simply need a tobacco-free alternative. The advantage of using stop smoking products is that you get the nicotine you are craving, but you avoid many harmful substances found in tobacco. Remember – each cigarette you avoid smoking is is a positive step, which is something you should be really proud of! Finding the right stop smoking aids there are a variety of different stop smoking products available, it can be difficult to know exactly which one will work for you on your journey to being completely smoke-free. Some prefer the discreet nicotine pouch, while others may favor a few quick sprays of nicotine spray. You need to find which product you feel comfortable with.

Tips and information on nicotine withdrawal symptoms and smoking cessation
There are a large number of tips and information on quitting smoking , as well as strategies on how to manage withdrawal symptoms. In addition, there are various ways of raising your motivation and keeping it up as you reduce your tobacco consumption. Zonnic is here to help you become a winner in the fight against the smoking cravings – one cigarette at a time!

Where do I find Zonnic’s products?
Zonnic mouth spray and pouches can be found wherever stop smoking products are sold, i.e. supermarkets, news agencies, kiosks, petrol stations and most pharmacies. Zonnic can also be purchased online, where it’s easy to order for home delivery.

How do I use Zonnic products?
Place a nicotine pouch under the lip or spray nicotine spray between the cheek and teeth using the purpose-designed nozzle. Swallowing nicotine can sometimes create a little burning sensation, which is completely harmless. Likewise, accidentally swallowing any of the products is not dangerous, but they are not as effective in the stomach as they are in the mouth. You should avoid tobacco and nicotine, including stop smoking products in any form if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Zonnic should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women unless the nicotine addiction is very high and only after a consulting a doctor.

No prescription required
Zonnic stop smoking products are sold without prescription and are clinically proven to be effective in managing withdrawal symptoms and smoking cravings. They are safe and secure options approved by the Medical Product Agency, an independent body responsible for the approval and control of medical products.