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Zonnic oral spray

Would you like to get rid of your cigarette addiction? The craving to smoke doesn’t take into account your situation and sometimes you might feel a strong need for nicotine in situations where you cannot or are not permitted to smoke. Zonnic nicotine spray gives you a clear effect in as short a time as one minute. The spray is easy to use, has a good and fresh peppermint flavour and is super easy to take along with you. After one or more sprays you will have received help to take back the control over the nicotine craving and can focus on things you actually want and need to do.

Good and fast-acting

Many prefer nicotine spray over other nicotine drugs and it is easy to understand why. The spray is easy to use and has an effect in just one minute. You can choose between two bottles, one with 40 sprays and one with 200 sprays. A smart tip is to begin with the small bottle so that you can figure out whether the method suits you. You can also find Zonnic nicotine spray in a double package (2 x 200 sprays), which gives you the best value on the market. A double package also gives you another advantage, with two spray bottles it is easy to always have one available. Why not keep one at home and one at work, for example? Normally one to two sprays per dose is sufficient to combat even the worst tobacco cravings. Test you way forward and find out how many doses per day suit you and your needs. Keep in mind not to exceed more than 64 sprays per day, so that you do not become ill because your nicotine intake is too high

How do I use Zonnic nicotine spray?

The easy to use, specially designed nozzle makes it easy to use. When you have the urge to smoke, simply take out the spray bottle, turn the nozzle and place it between your cheek and teeth. Spray one to two times during the course of one minute and your abstinence problems and urge to smoke will have decreased. One major advantage with the specially designed nozzle is that you have a controlled direction when you spray. Therefore, you reduce the risk of spraying the fluid down in the throat and stomach, something that can be uncomfortable and also reduces the effect of the spray dose.

Effective help on the road to your last puff

Remember that Zonnic nicotine spray is also a good method for you if you are in the process of cutting down the number of cigarettes you smoke each day. You can use the spray to resist the cravings to smoke your daily cigarettes, each cigarette you don’t smoke is, as you know, a great benefit to you and your health. Are you are interested in testing Zonnic’s products to help you quit smoking or to gradually reduce your daily cigarette consumption? Our spray and pouches are classified as a drug and are available for purchase at the pharmacy and in grocery stores. Always be sure to read the package leaflet for complete information before you use Zonnic products. Please note that you must be at least 18 years of age to be able to buy nicotine spray.