Nicotine drugs

A support. An aid. A friend you can trust when things are difficult. This is how you can describe a nicotine drug. Everyone who is considering quitting smoking stands at a threshold. Taking the first step forward means that you embark on a tough journey, the journey towards being smoke-free. The goal of the journey is a healthier and, most likely, longer life.

Most people who have tried to quit smoking or using snuff know that the journey is marked by challenges. Abstinence, anxiety, and difficulty concentrating, just to name a few. These obstacles are difficult to overcome, no matter how strong you are. 🏋️‍♂️

This is why it can be helpful to know that there are smart and effective aids available to help you quit smoking. Nicotine drugs are your best companions on the journey towards your last puff. They help you handle the worst problems. They are also available in many different types, such as chewing gum, nicotine pouches, patches, spray and lozenges, which means that you can easily find a drug that suits you.


Everything you need to know about nicotine drugs

What is a nicotine drug?

There are many different types of preparations and treatments that are counted as nicotine drugs. Sometimes the word “nicotine replacement”, is used because the drug contains nicotine as a replacement for the nicotine you otherwise receive from the tobacco through smoking. 🚭

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

As with all nicotine drugs there are both advantages and disadvantages. What suits you best is very individual, as different people have different preferences.


  • Easy to use
  • Works wherever you are at
  • Fresh Flavour
  • Fast acting effect that clearly helps relieve tobacco cravings
  • The bottle gives you something to keep your hands busy with, which can feel good to those who are quitting cigarettes.


  • Disadvantages:
  • Risk for different side effects (see below)
  • May seem strong as the entire dose of nicotine is released at one time

The bottle with the spray nozzle gives you something to keep your hands busy with, which can feel good to those who are quitting cigarettes.

What nicotine drugs are available?

Some common nicotine drugs are

Oral powder (nicotine pouches)
Oral spray (nicotine spray)
Chewing gum
Slow release patches (nicotine patches)

With a nicotine drug you can determine how large a dose you receive and how often you take nicotine (apart from with nicotine patches) but remember: You will receive the best and most long-lasting results if you take the recommended dose.

Nicotine drugs can be purchased over-the-counter if you are 18 years of age. For minors, a prescription is required. You can find nicotine drugs at the pharmacy and also in many grocery stores and tobacconists.

Which nicotine drug is best?

How should you actually think? There is such a large selection and many different types of nicotine drugs to choose from. It isn’t that easy to know which suits your body in your specific battle against tobacco cravings. Quite simply, this depends on how you are as an individual.

Difficult to choose? Begin by asking yourself several questions, such as:

  • How strong are my nicotine cravings when I don’t smoke?
  • Which way would be most comfortable for me to get nicotine into the body?
  • Do I have sensitive skin?
  • Do I have difficulty chewing?
  • Do I prefer a neutral or a strong flavour?
  • Would I like a discrete product that is not visible?
  • Do I like a fast or long-lasting effect?

By figuring out what suits and doesn’t suit you, it can be much easier to figure out what method feels most comfortable to you.

You don’t like nicotine pouches? Then perhaps oral spray is a better choice for you.

Does it feel important to have something in your mouth? Then perhaps nicotine pouches, lozenges or nicotine chewing gum would suit you best.

Please note that you must be at least 18 years of age to be able to buy nicotine drugs.

How do nicotine drugs work?

The simple answer is that nicotine drugs contain nicotine, in other words, the substance in cigarettes and snuff that cause you to become dependent. By taking a drug the nicotine craving is dealt with and you won’t have to ingest the thousands of other harmful substances that you would otherwise receive when smoking.

The receptors in the brain that react to nicotine, which are the same receptors as those that make you crave a cigarette, are stimulated in a way that is not as hazardous to your health.

When your nicotine craving is curbed you also take of the difficult problems that occur:

  • You feel less anxiety
  • It is easier for you to concentrate
  • You sleep more calmly
  • Your mood is more even
  • You have a better appetite

Dependency on nicotine drugs?

The body absorbs nicotine in the nicotine drug more slowly than through smoking cigarettes, but because nicotine is addictive there is a risk that you can also become dependent on the drug. This is not optimal and of course a person doesn’t want to replace one addiction with another, but being dependent on nicotine patches or chewing gum is much better than smoking, because you won’t ingest the thousands of other harmful substances that are found in cigarettes. 👍

Nicotine pouches

You place the nicotine pouches under the lip and are thus given a long-lasting effect and fewer tobacco cravings. The pouch is discrete and easy to use, a perfect alternative if you are in a situation where you don’t want to, cannot or are not permitted to smoke.

Nicotine pouches are available in two different strengths, 2 or 4 mg and can be purchased at the pharmacy and in grocery stores.

Nicotine gum

You regulate the amount of nicotine released by chewing and can thus adapt the effect based on your own needs. Chewing gum is discrete and easy to take along in a pocket or handbag, always available when you feel the urge to smoke is beginning to disrupt your life.

In different strengths and flavours, you can easily find a nicotine chewing gum that suits you on your journey towards becoming smoke-free. You will find nicotine chewing gum at the pharmacy and in grocery stores.

Nicotine spray

Curb the urge to smoke with just a couple easy button presses. This is how you can describe nicotine spray. Place the smart nozzle in the mouth, aim it towards the inside of the cheek and spray one to two times. In one minute you will feel the effect in the form of a dampened urge to smoke and fewer problems.

Spray is a modern and effective nicotine drug that is easy to use, simple to take along with you and that provides relief in one minute. An extra plus is the good, fresh taste that gives a refreshing feeling. You can buy nicotine spray at the pharmacy or in grocery stores.

Nicotine patches

Nicotine patches are one of the most well-tested nicotine drugs. By placing the patch on the skin you will receive effective help against smoke cravings when a balanced amount of nicotine is absorbed in the body. Your tobacco cravings are kept in check and you will be free to focus on other, more important things.

The patches are available with different effects, nicotine quantities and sizes.

Nicotine lozenges

With a box of nicotine lozenges in your pocket you are ready when a tobacco craving occurs. You use them in the same way as a traditional throat lozenge and you will feel the effects quickly, within a few minutes the worst abstinence will be replaced by a lovely flavour and you are once again ready to focus on your daily tasks.

The lozenges are available in different strengths for different needs and you will find them at the pharmacy or in the grocery store. They are an alternative for those who do not like chewing on chewing gum, but who appreciate the fresh mint flavour.

Nicotine drugs and children, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Smoking or using snuff during pregnancy can be harmful, also to the unborn child. The nicotine and chemicals in the tobacco can have a very bad effect on the foetus and also increase the risk of a miscarriage. This is also why you should not use nicotine drugs when you are expecting a child. 🤰

Nicotine is also found in the breast milk if the mother smokes, uses snuff or takes nicotine drugs. This means that the breastfeeding child will receive nicotine via the milk.

Speak with your doctor about what nicotine-free methods for quitting smoking might work when you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Please note that you must be at least 18 years of age to be able to buy nicotine drugs.

What are Champix and Zyban – drugs without nicotine


There are prescription drugs that do not contain nicotine but that can still be helpful when you quit smoking. Champix is one example. Champix contains a substance called Varenicline, which gives a nicotine-like stimulance although with a weaker effect. Varenicline also has another effect, it blocks any nicotine you try to introduce to your body. So smoking becomes meaningless because you don’t get a nicotine rush.


The prescription drug Zyban contains a substance called Bupropion. It helps lessen the urge to smoke, while at the same time inhibiting other problems. This medication is taken together with motivational support and can sometimes be used together with nicotine drugs.