Zonnic Spray 40Ml
Zonnic Mouth Spray Peppermint
40 sprays
Zonnic Spray 200Ml
Zonnic Mouth Spray Peppermint
200 sprays
Zonnic Spray 2X200 40Ml
Zonnic Mouth Spray Peppermint
2x200 sprays

Zonnic Nicotine Spray
Smoking cravings can come at any time and in any situation. You may feel a strong urge to smoke in a situation where you are not able or allowed to. When these cravings come creeping up, you want fast and effective relief. With Zonnic Nicotine Spray, you get a noticeable effect in less than a minute. The spray is easy to use, has a nice and fresh peppermint flavour and is easy to bring with you wherever you go. Spray once or twice and you will be in control of your nicotine craving and be able to focus on the things you really want and need to do.

Good taste and fast relief
Many people prefer nicotine spray to other stop smoking products, which is understandable. The spray is very easy to use and it provides fast relief. There are two sizes to choose from – one with 40 spays and one with 200 sprays. A good tip is to start with the small size to see if nicotine spray works for you. Zonnic Nicotine Spray is also sold in double packs (2 x 200 sprays), which is the category’s best value. The double pack has another advantage – with two spray bottles, it’s easy to always have one at hand. Why not keep one at home and one at the office? In most cases, one or two sprays is enough to manage the strongest smoking craving. The best thing is to try it for yourself and see if it meets your needs. Make sure not to exceed 64 sprays per day.

How to use Zonnic Nicotine Spray?
The practical, purpose-designed nozzle solution makes it easy to use. When you feel tobacco cravings, take out the spray , twist the nozzle and place it between your cheek and teeth. One or two sprays will start to relieve your withdrawal symptoms and tobacco craving. A big advantage of the purpose-designed nozzle is that you can control the direction when spraying. This reduces the risk of spraying the nicotine into the back of the throat, which may feel uncomfortable and sting, and also reduces the efficacy of the spray. Read more about nicotine spray here.

Effective option on the way to being completely smoke-free
Zonnic Nicotine Spray is also a perfect product if you want to cut down the number of cigarettes you smoke on a daily basis. You can  use the spray as a replacement for some of your daily cigarettes – each cigarette not smoked will benefit your health. Zonnic Nicotine Sprays can be found in pharmacies, petrol stations, convenience stores and supermarkets and can be bought without a prescription. Always pay attention to and read the package leaflet before using a nicotine spray, or any other nicotine products. Are you unsure whether nicotine spray is the right thing for you? The following is a list of other stop smoking products.