Stop using snuff

Do you feel that it is starting to feel a bit like a waste and unnecessary to go buy snuff every day? Have you started to think about what you can do to improve your health? Are you tired of being addicted? These are positive thoughts. This means that you have sown the seed to stop using snuff. Taking the step to stop using snuff is among the best things that you can do for your body. As you know, tobacco is harmful and nothing that you need or feel good from using.

With a strong will, smart strategies and perseverance you can quit using snuff. Here you can read about some good things to keep in mind, what happens to your body when you quit using snuff and some handy tips that will facilitate your journey towards a nicotine-free life.


Stop using snuff – a smart decision for better health

Why should I stop using snuff?

Using snuff is often viewed as a healthier alternative to smoking and sure there is something about that which is true. Many studies show that the effects of snuff on the body are less negative than those from smoking. But you can hardly maintain that using snuff is a healthy thing to do. When you place the portion of snuff under your lip you ingest nicotine, poisons and substances that can actually harm your body.

Quitting snuff has many health benefits, you will have a fresher mouth and you save quite a lot of money. Money that can be spent doing things that are much more fun and much nicer than tobacco! 👌

9 smart quitting snuff tips that will help you become tobacco-free

There are many ways to quit using snuff and different methods work for different people. For some it is sheer willpower that works, quitting nicotine completely and then getting through the tough period that follows. For others a gradual decrease works best. Most need some form of support in order to succeed. Below we will go through 9 good tips that will help you become tobacco-free.

1. Set a date to quit using snuff!

The more planning and preparation you have when you want to quit snuff, the more likely it is that you will be successful. Just going cold turkey can be difficult and the resulting problems often become overwhelming if you have not prepared yourself mentally. Decide on a date several weeks in advance when you want to be fully snuff-free and use the time to say goodbye to the snuff.

2. Exercise!

Snuff user or not – getting moving and physical exercise are always a cornerstone for good health. When you find it difficult not to use snuff, exercise can be very good. It helps you to clear your mind and releases happiness hormones in your brain. This can be much needed during a period of temptation.

3. A good diet

A balanced and healthy diet keeps your blood sugar even and your mood stable. It helps you when you try to completely stop using snuff.

Tip: Simulate the portion of snuff! When you quit snuff it may feel strange that there’s nothing under your lip. Try using sugar-free chewing gum or something else that can simulate the feeling of having snuff in your mouth.

Remember to eat regularly: breakfast, lunch, dinner and preferably some snacks. This gives you balance and even blood sugar levels, which will help you to stay strong and reduce the snuff cravings. Drink water for a stable fluid balance and you will feel more alert and resistant.

Are you worried about gaining weight when you quit snuff?

4. Map out your snuff use

Using snuff is a habit and if you are a major snuff user then it is likely you don’t even reflect about when, how and why you take a portion of snuff.

Actually writing down a few lines about your snuff behaviour can be very helpful and give you a clear overview about what drives your dependency. Perhaps you will find that quite a lot of your snuff is consumed although you don’t crave it.

Lessons about your behavioural patterns can be invaluable for those who have decided to stop using snuff. Having increased awareness is a large step forward on your journey.

5. Get rid of your stash and don’t have snuff in the house

Once the day you have decided to stop using snuff has arrived you should ensure that you do not have any snuff available. The problem with letting snuff be is different for everyone but many think that it is very difficult, especially during the first few days. Having snuff within your reach increases the risk of you starting to use it again. Remember that the snuff craving is temporary, if you manage to hold out then you will see that it soon subsides!

Extra tip: Some find that having an empty snuff box helps because it counteracts the feeling of wanting to go and buy a new one.

6. Get help from others

Everything that is difficult becomes easier if you receive support. To get through the period with abstinence problems and snuff cravings once you have quit, it is important to have encouragement and motivation. Do you have anyone close who can support you when things get tough? Talk with this person and vent your thoughts and feelings with them. Talking about your thoughts with someone else during difficult times can often be a good way of getting invaluable help.

7. Distract yourself with activities

Much of the snuff craving is mental, the habit of taking a portion of snuff is extremely strong and can remain although you no longer have the physical craving for nicotine. Therefore, you can try to get your brain to change thoughts when you begin longing for some snuff.

Much of the snuff craving is mental, the habit of taking a portion of snuff is extremely strong and can remain although you no longer have the physical craving for nicotine. Therefore, you can try to get your brain to change thoughts when you begin longing for some snuff. 👌

8. Avoid triggers

Are there certain situations, places or activities that you very much associate with using snuff? Things are different for every snuff user but there are probably times when you feel extra cravings because you associate that situation with using snuff. Try to gain an understanding of what these might be and see whether you can avoid them during the period when you are trying to kick the habit.

Having someone offer you snuff can also cause problems with your motivation. Think about a smart answer that you can have ready if someone offers you a portion of snuff and you won’t have to think about an answer or be unsure. 😎

9. Celebrate yourself!

Have you gotten through an hour without snuff? Great! Have you gotten through an day? Fantastic! Breaking nicotine dependency is difficult and each time you succeed in resisting snuff cravings you are a hero! And heroes deserve to be celebrated! Reward yourself with something you like when you have made progress. Take a warm bath, treat yourself to something good or do something that makes you happy. You are worth it!

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